WEBO Site SpeedUp version 0.9.5 (public beta)

    After almost three weeks of completing the layouts, integration and intensive testing (yes, everyone was relaxing, and we were working!) A new version of the open source application for automatic website acceleration - WEBO Site SpeedUp 0.9.5 ( more ) was released. The current status is public beta (that is, most likely, the version contains some non-critical errors, but is completely ready for "combat" use). We will be very grateful for the informative error messages in the official bug tracker .


    Under the cat there are more details and pictures

    Control panel
    Some of the innovations have already been announced in the post about the alpha version , these are:
    • As you already noticed, the name of the product is changed to WEBO Site SpeedUp, so as not to conflict with Google Web (site) Optimizer. We do not need competition with Google :)
    • A completely new interface that has already gathered a lot of positive feedback. Screenshots are also posted here and here .
    • From the most delicious: now it is possible to quickly change presets. By default, 3 sets are available (of course, you can create your own): safe (excludes all potentially "dangerous" settings), optimal (provides excellent acceleration, but can sometimes "kill" the system) and extreme (well, there is maximum acceleration, but and the risk is very large, you need to further configure).
    • The concept of the control panel has also been revised, and the most important parts of the “in three sentences” application have been submitted to it. Blocks can be hidden / expanded.
    • Added a separate page for cache files. The concept will still be finalized and revised to make the interface more convenient.
    • Added utilities for recursive gzip file compression and image optimization (the latter only through smush, it, but punypng is on the way).
    • Added a separate page with information about the current system environment and its settings.
    • The choice of interface language has been added (if you are ready to translate the product into your native language other than Russian / Ukrainian, please write to us ).

    + some more new features
    • WEBO Site SpeedUp has its own API for optimization (onBeforeOptimization, onAfterOptimization, onCache methods are added to it in the new version). Using it, you can carry out both regular and one-time actions (for example, attach indexes to the base when installing the application).
    • Now you can upgrade not only to the latest stable version, but also to the intermediate beta. In the process of adding the mechanism of "rollback" to a stable version, if the latest beta version is installed.
    • Improved work with .htaccess and detection of Apache modules on a wide variety of different environments.
    • Also one of the most anticipated improvements: the lang = "wo" label in the page header is removed (it is inserted at the end of the page instead ).
    • Added the ability to "Use a single cache for all browsers" (it can help when using external caching mechanisms, but makes it impossible to use the cross-browser technology data: URI + mhtml).
    • Added the ability to cache static files located on external resources (be it scripts or pictures for which normal caching headers are not set).
    • Added “delayed” loading for frames (so that they do not interfere with the main content of the page).
    • For native plugins (WordPress / Joomla!) Server caching has been improved (before the release of version 1.0 we will conduct additional performance tests).
    • Added the ability to exclude pages from server caching in the presence of certain cookies.
    • Added support for PrestaShop (1.2.5).

    System support

    Now in the list of supported systems there are more than 40 , natively (at the level of internal extensions) WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal, Bitrix are supported (the latter is only via Web Optimizer, the WEBO Site SpeedUp interface is being screwed in).

    If you have any specific wishes for support, then please write in the comments.

    Technical support

    Full technical support is provided only to users of the full version. But all errors registered in the bug tracker are usually considered within 24 hours (and usually are resolved just as quickly).

    Licensing terms

    WEBO Site SpeedUp (as well as Web Optimizer since version 0.6.0) has 3 different editions ( version comparison ):
    • Non-profit. It can be used on sites not intended for profit (= non-profit).
    • Lightweight. It can be used on any sites. It has almost the same functionality as the non-commercial version.
    • Complete. All that is in the product, and even more - 24/7 technical support.

    Updates are free in all editions. All paid licenses have a limited validity period (year). It is possible to purchase an unlimited license ( please write to us if this is your case ).

    As you understand, we are not going to stop developing the application, many new features and individual utilities will be added to the general package, compatibility and performance will be improved. We are glad that after the release of the paid version and a lot of criticism addressed to us, the number of fans of fast sites has not decreased, and their expectations were met.

    affiliate program

    By popular demand, we have added an affiliate program for the sale of WEBO Site SpeedUp (commission up to 20% or more). Everything is very simple: you register on webo.in and get an individual link (if you already have an account on webo.in, it’s still easier - just follow the last link). All sales from this link are counted as “yours”.
    We also plan to prepare a number of graphic materials for partners. If you already have any ideas, please write them ..

    Additional Information

    Official website

    Download WEBO Site SpeedUp

    Twitter: twitter.com/wboptimizer
    Blog (in English): blog.web-optimizer.us

    PS yes , there is also an online product demo, do not flood the server :)

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