Prototype OpenID Provider Widget

    I once wrote how to integrate OpenID authorization into your website. It was about the server side.
    Now I'm talking about the UI part - a widget for choosing a provider. I chose prototype

    as the client library for my project, and the first thing I did was google to search for a ready-made solution. I managed to find one, but only for JQuery - And so I had no choice but to write the OpenID selector myself. Here's what happened. Sources can be taken here The appearance of the widget is fully customizable using css. The code has a list of providers that will be displayed in the selector.


    var OpenIDProviders = {

    openid: {
    name: 'OpenID',
    label: 'Введите Ваш OpenID.',
    url: 'http://'
    yandex: {
    name: 'Yandex',
    url: ''
    google: {
    name: 'Google',
    url: ''

    Unnecessary just need to be removed, you need to add as an example.

    There is an example of connection in the Google code project, this is just one line of code.

    In general, everyone who wants to make their startup hospitable can use, as well as modify, this script for their needs.

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