Why I do not like video hosting

    I noticed a funny new habit - I already heard a new track I liked more, I don’t rush to download it to my disc, but I search and listen online - for example, VKontakte (yes, I know that contact is not comme il faut, and in general all the evil of the world there - but what can you do if the creators of Facebook came up with a damn convenient thing). On disk, I now only keep albums, all of whose value lies precisely in their integrity.

    Yes, stable broadband Internet is changing people's habits as well as before - the very fact of the appearance of affordable Internet in general. But I didn’t want to talk about it.

    And about how I do not have enough video services like Youtube, but devoid of the main YouTube shortcoming - censorship and video removal by users.

    About censorship (this is the eternal "Video is not viewable in your country" - so what the hell did you give it to me in the search results in my country ?!) I won’t, but the fact that the video was bookmarked six months, a year and a half ago it’s inaccessible today, because the user rubbed it at home, having, therefore, all those who liked it, infuriated him incredibly.

    The system, when a video is stored on the server as long as at least one person holds it in bookmarks, I like it much more. But I do not see such services. Therefore, the coolest videos, especially if it’s not publicized official videos, but amateur creativity, I upload to my disc. Until a normal YouTube-sized video hosting appears, but without YouTube corrals, it’s more reliable.

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