Sunlight + Carbon Dioxide = Fuel

    Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories have shown a working prototype of a device that can convert carbon dioxide and water into synthetic fuel.

    The device, called the CR5 (Counter Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator; Reverse Rotation Recovery Reactor), uses a thermochemical reaction. The reaction occurs twice in a hot, and then in a cold chamber. In hot concentrated solar heat heats the iron-rich composite material to 1,500 degrees, and it loses oxygen molecules. When material enters the cold chamber, it “takes” oxygen from the carbon dioxide supplied there. As a result, carbon monoxide - CO, remains from carbon dioxide.

    Exactly the same process is used to produce hydrogen. The only difference is that instead of carbon dioxide, water is pumped into the “cold” chamber. As a result, when CO and hydrogen are mixed, a synthetic combustible gas is obtained, which is able to replace the hydrocarbon fuel used today.

    Unfortunately, according to the forecasts of scientists working on CR5, the commercialization of the project will be possible only in 15-20 years. So far, the main task is to increase efficiency (lower temperature, new composite materials, etc.).

    via ecofriend , 3dnews

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