We want to download with ifolder faster and more!

    There is such an extension to Firefox - Skipscreen - with a great idea. It automatically clicks on the necessary links and waits for the required seconds on file hosting sites like Rapidshare and Mediafire. With the latest hosting, a story has already been connected that served as a PR for the plugin.

    This is what the plugin lacks - it is support for Russian file hosting services, especially the most liberal (although it managed to tarnish its reputation by packing files in adware-exe) IFolder. But once the twenty-first century is in the yard, the afflicted people turn directly to the authors: we vote for the addition of IFolder support , after which downloading new books and music will largely turn from a dreary tyagomotin into the same natural action as downloading freely uploaded files.

    I must warn you that voting requires turning on javascript and registering on the site.

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