Choosing fonts for web

    When I was studying the basics of web design, one day, with tears in my eyes, I found out that no one would see my favorite Hellios font on the site except me, and not only it, but also many beautiful typographic fonts.

    Operating systems dictate certain standards to designers, displaying fonts already available in their database, they ignore unfamiliar fonts, replacing them with standard ones. Of course, there are various advanced font implementations, but in this context we will try to focus on choosing the optimal fonts for the common HTML standard.


    When interpreted, some browsers smooth out fonts, others leave angularities. Sometimes, for better readability, a smaller font is not smoothed out, and a larger font or a bold font is smoothed out. Of course, in the basic construction of the font concept, it is necessary to consider exactly the non-smoothed text.

    I will give a summary table of fonts that are supported in all versions of Windows & Mac OS.


    As can be seen from the table, not all fonts are equally useful, namely with one font size it can be either larger or even small, even unreadable.

    To simplify the choice of font, I created a PSD file in which you can easily see how the font you need will look like. Font sizes are from 9 to 17 pt Bold and Normal. The file contains all supported fonts in most OS. Also, near each font there is a note on the date of its introduction in the OS.
    I tried to arrange the fonts in a sequential order relative to their style. From left - to the more rigorous right - book, manuscript, technical, and comical.


    It's quite simple to download a PSD file with fonts ( link ) -
    select the font layer you need> drag it to your layout.
    I hope this simplifies and speeds up your work. Thanks for attention!

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