Elements of an integrated online presence strategy


    Now more and more customers are coming to our studio for a second or even third site, so they already imagine that they don’t just need a few pages, but need a solid approach to ensuring the presence of their business on the Internet.

    And this concept includes too much of everything, starting with a properly designed site (interface, texts, seo-preparation), ending with its support and advertising.

    In order not to forget anything, telling the client about what might be, we drew up a scheme called “ Elements of an integrated strategy for presence on the Internet ” (PDF, 145 Kb).

    I hope that this scheme will be useful for those involved in web development: for example, to structure their knowledge or offer new services to the client.

    This is the first version of the outline - so any additions or comments are welcome.


    update 1: the main ideologist of the podluzny scheme answers questions in the comments ;-)

    update 2: we will lay out the mindmap a little later, but anyone who wants it can repeat this scheme in 20-30 minutes, all the information is presented.

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