About the problem of choosing a specialty and university ...

    Just a week ago, I received another mailing from the Bounty Hunters (hh.ru) ... and perhaps, as usual, I would send it to the scrap, but one interesting headline attracted my attention: Do Russians regret their education?

    What is interesting for me personally about this topic? Probably everyone) Most recently I graduated from a large Siberian university and worked as a teacher for a year ... I increasingly notice that most students come to a university not to study, but simply because it is prestigious, cool, gives “opportunities” ...

    Teaching rather difficult disciplines (programming and others like them) in a specialized field, which I successfully completed a couple of years ago ... every year I meet guys who not only can’t go to the budget themselves, but are also willing to pay 50 thousand a year knowing what to study in the specialty it will be incredibly difficult for them, and they certainly will not be able to work in the specialty. When choosing a specialty, many of my friends were guided not by their own abilities, inclinations, chtoli talent ... but by what is fashionable, it sounds beautiful, the university is quoted ...

    Maybe I'm not quite right, but IMHO making a lot of money does not depend much on the choice of the steepness of the university and the inscription in the diploma) One of my friends left the first year ... went to the construction site ... worked as an electrician (unofficially of course) for 40 thousand a month ... I think that for Kemerovo with an average salary of 15shku this is not bad ... I worked for half a year and went to work as a loader for 20-25 ... and this is without diplomas and all kinds of knowledge) It's funny.

    Returning to the numbers published in the article, I’ll say ... the numbers are not far from the truth ... I have been unlearned for 5 years and I haven’t seen anyone: smart, stupid, cunning, nerds, talented ... But they go to work consciously (clearly knowing why and where they are going) 20 percent each stream ... the rest go where they take it.

    This is very very strange ... WHY do people spend 5 years of their lives, and many still pay pretty decent money for this waste? why not choose an interesting specialty and become a professional?

    I think that if in the near future people ... young people ... do not start to think with their heads, then the percentage of those dissatisfied with their specialty, those who have never worked in their specialty, those who then retrain will continue to grow steadily.

    ZY: somehow my first post on Habré emotionally turned out ... probably pent ... somehow I felt uncomfortable in the same group as people aimlessly killing time ... I would like around me more purposeful, active and far-sighted)

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