Notes for the day of the programmer, you say?

    Well, here's the old fiddle:


    Posted by A. Mogilevets, Vinnitsa

    01. Happy New Year, colleagues, 07D0h!

    02. Long live the conquering historical legacy of Buhl, Turing, Shannon, Neumann!

    03. Leibniz is dead, but his work lives on!

    04. Of all the registers, the most important for us is CS!

    05. The more we push on the stack today, the more we will push out of it tomorrow!

    06. Programmers! Use the CX register more widely in loop counters!

    07. Wide circles of the progressive public angrily protest against unworthy attempts to bypass BIOS procedures!

    08. Comrade hackers! Down with the worship of computer terminology! Develop national programming languages!

    09. Pushing an extra word from the stack when exiting the INT 25h handler is an honorable duty and a duty of every programmer!

    0A. Comrades users! We will rally even more peripheral devices around the native Central Block!

    0B. Flames will ignite from ISKRA!

    0C. Long live the ADOS OS and MP KM 1810VM86 - the front lines of domestic technology!

    0D. Hands off the power bus!

    0E. Higher flag auxiliary transfer!

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