A small review of Monopoly City Streets - online games based on Google Maps

    Good night to all :) Having
    hardly made my way to www.monopolycitystreets.com (recently the announcement of this multiplayer game based on Google Maps slipped on Habré ) I hasten to share my first observations and successes.

    I want to say right away that the server just lay there for the first few hours after starting this project. I don’t know why, but the developers did not take care of ensuring the appropriate server performance. And even now it’s impossible to play: most often for any attempt to interact with the local interface we get the error “Oh, sorry, but our servers are lying. Try to come back later. ”

    Attention! Traffic!

    On the first visit, the service offers us to start from the city that he identified by our IP address.
    Well, to be honest, I wanted to do this - where else is becoming a monopolist? :) After clicking on the link, we get to our city and get the opportunity to buy any street. This is where the game begins. It is at the time of buying the street that you are invited to register. However, with the brakes that are now, even registering is quite problematic. Plus, only letters and spaces are allowed in a nickname. What a pity, I'm already used to my nickname. After registration, we apparently should have immediately logged into the system, but at that moment the server again could not bear the load and I had to log into the system myself.

    Here is the interface of the registered and authorized polzvatelya: At the bottom of the workspace there are five keys: 1. Town search / country / street 2. Include a wizard shopping street (marked in purple street, available for purchase, and blue - already belonging to other players) on this screenshot shows free for the purchase of street (just got out to find an offer near the opponent's building and blow it :) but here - already bought by someone we can try to make a buyout offer of this street your opponent Note .: C It exists as "7 Day Rule» ( «The rule of seven days"), and it reads: "You must respond to the proposal within 7 days, otherwise it is automatically assumed"

    3. Show the streets you have already purchased 4. A kind of in-game mail 5. The local top players :) It’s empty at the moment, because it is updated once a day. By clicking on our street we can either sell it or build a new building on it: But these are the most expensive buildings: After choosing the type of building, we indicate where to put it on the street: And we get such a chip :) Both buildings and streets bring income - every day. The game also has the so-called Chance Crads and they are divided into three types:

    • Hazard Chance Card - allows you to build buildings such as Power Plants, Prisons, and Sewage Works
    • Bulldozer Chance Card - allows you to destroy buildings built with Hazard
    • Bonus Building Chance Card - protects your best streets from attempts to build various buildings like Hazard on them (that is, it allows you to build three buildings - Stadium, Park and some other, it is not written in the FAQ)

    If you are a fan of Monopoly, then why not play? :)
    True, this is difficult now, but I think that in a day or two everything will become more or less stable.
    Good luck, young monopolists;)

    PS. For those who are interested in what this is done on: Flash, jQuery (and, of course, the Google Maps API).

    1. If you build a Hazard-building, then the street ceases to generate income.
    2. User Bobos  suggests not building the Hazards in Russia:
    If it doesn’t bother you, please write in the PS for the article a request not to mess up Russia with all sorts of hazards - competition is competition, but if our capital, for example, is presented in this game as a shabby city, it will be very bad. It’s better to wet the Americans :)

    3. At the request of youROCK, I uploaded the  pictures to another host - datapoliten.ru
    4. Who, I repeat, who built Hazard on Lenin Avenue ? :( This is the main street!

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