WebAsyst Photos

    We have released a new service for working with photos - WebAsyst Photo .
    This is a photo hosting, photo organizer and publication tool :

    There are so many photo services. Why did we do another one?

    Initially, we planned to make WebAsyst Photos “for ourselves” as an internal WebAsyst application to upload photos from various company events. The task was, first of all, to make a convenient and fast backend for organizing photos (before, we also had our own service for working with photos, but we did not like it at all). As a result, we decided that not only us would need such a service. The result is a product that, on the one hand, is a public photo gallery , and on the other, personal photo hosting (quickly received a link, HTML or BBcode on the photo and copied it) with a quick backend.

    This, of course, is not a substitute for photo hosting like Flickr, Yandex.Fotki, iPicture, but just another product with its own features. For example, we use sharpen (sharpness filter) when creating sketches, access rights within your team can be assigned by album, you can get HTML / BBcode / link immediately to at least 100 selected photos, there are different types of photo publishing, etc.

    Future plans: to make a good design editor, many different topics of the public part (photo galleries) and an API for pulling photos from WebAsyst Photos anywhere (well, for adding photos to WebAsyst, of course).

    WebAsyst Photos can be used as a web service or purchased as scripts (PHP / MySQL) and installed on your hosting. Works with Imagick and GD.

    Service website: http://www.webasyst.ru/photos/

    We are pleased to hear criticism of the habrasociety!

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