Popodiskiske.ru: habitual licensed software through micropayments

    Many of us (including me) do not like ordinary licensed software. Because he is dear. In any case, it is usually more expensive for an individual than it should be at our first sensation, is it? Why is such software expensive? Because in our country, few people buy it, so the price is only a consequence of the law of supply and demand. Is it possible to break this vicious circle and make licensed software equally comfortable for both the buyer and the developer?

    Six months ago, several desperate guys, in the past - graduates of Moscow State University (MekhMata, VMiK) and faculty “K” of MEPhI, who managed to gain experience in large corporations, decided to answer this question in the affirmative. They registered the company and began to implement a startup, the idea of ​​which they found interesting. They set themselves a very ambitious goal: to change the market for Russian licensed software for the better.

    These guys were us.

    So, we present to your attention the alpha version of the Rentsoft platform and the first Popodpiske.ru service launched on its basis. In short, the service allows you to use micropayments to pay for the usual licensed software for everyone according to the monthly subscription scheme. Now, for example, a showcase of antiviruses has been launched :

    Our startup is only 6 months old. Three of them were preparatory: we registered the company, entered into agreements with copyright holders, rented an office, installed servers, selected technical solutions, etc. The development itself took another three months. The path was very difficult, but on the road we never quarreled, did not disagree, and in the end we are at the starting point ... of our project, which we are very proud of.

    Briefly about the service www.popodpiske.ru

    So, we have created a platform on which you can place any software or digital content (games / audio / video) in order to distribute it according to the monthly subscription scheme. Already now you can buy a licensed antivirus for just 59 rubles per month. Why pay more than 1000 rubles to be immediately tied to software for a whole year, when you can pay 59 rubles a month? There are more advantageous offers: for example, the NOD32 antivirus from ESET, a subscription to which you can buy for only 89 rubles, and install it on three computers. Those. you get a licensed antivirus for less than 30 rubles ...

    A startup is very simple in terms of understanding who needs it and why, but it is complicated from a technological point of view. In total, our pen (not, perhaps, our keyboards!) Owns more than 200,000 lines of project code in PHP, Java, Perl, C ++. We had to create a new metalanguage and implement our own billing system on it. We spent many nights searching for the best design and site navigation solutions. Whether it turned out with us or not is up to you!

    In our opinion, a software subscription has a lot of advantages compared to a regular purchase:
    • You do not need to pay the full cost of the program to start using it.
    • You can try different antiviruses and choose the most suitable one.
    • You can pay for the program exactly for the period for which you need it.
    • If you do not use, then you do not pay. Paid - started using again.

    ... "wait, but where is the margin and how about free cheese?"

    Great question! Judging by the reviews, some users do not believe that our service is “honest”. They think that we are (quoting) "with the clammy keys." It seems intuitive to them: if you multiply the monthly payment by 12 months, you’ll get an amount that exceeds the purchase price of the “ordinary” software key by one year. Otherwise, where is the margin?

    And the margin is not in the amount, it is in the "wholesale". Some products on the platform for 12 months subscription is even cheaperthan buying a license key for a year. Why? It's simple: the subscription is based on the idea of ​​micropayments, so popular on the Internet. Therefore, the potential audience of “subscription” software is much wider than the audience of software with the sale of the key. As in the case of print media (for example, newspapers), a subscription is a more massive service than a purchase. So, according to the law of supply and demand, its price is usually lower, and not higher.

    ... but we were distracted

    On our service you do not buy the program, but take it as if for rent for 1 month or any other period. In doing so, you can manage your subscriptions. You can suspend a subscription, and then you stop paying for it. Do not pay if you do not use. Right? Yes, I think so!

    If you do not want to replenish your account on Popodpiske.ru every month, you can immediately put on it an amount that is enough, for example, for 3 months. Write-offs will be made automatically on a monthly basis, and unused funds can be returned or spent at any time on some other software.

    But a low subscription price is not the only benefit to the buyer. You can block the antivirus for the period when you do not plan to use it (for example, during the holidays, summer holidays, etc.).

    No payment will be charged during the blocking period. You can delete one service and connect another (if you want to choose the best option; it’s convenient to test different ones, and will focus on one option that is most suitable for you).

    Well, if you have little experience working with a computer (although in this case, how did you get to the Habr?), And there were difficulties in choosing which antivirus is best for you, then you can use the selection assistant ( wizard ), answering a number of simple questions.

    What software is currently available on the alpha version of the platform?

    Now, our platform hosts the main anti-virus programs from Dr.Web, ESET, Panda. We have concluded licensing agreements with each of these manufacturers, under which we have the right to sell their products directly to end users or through third parties (agents).

    But this is only the beginning, the minimum necessary to run. We continue to develop the service, adding to it new services and products that can be consumed through a subscription scheme. (Fortunately, from a technical point of view, connecting a new supplier or partner takes 200 lines of code by force). A subscription to other software, games, films, series, music, books, etc. will appear. We will say thank you if you tell me what would you personally buy using such a scheme?

    A significant barrier for users in the alpha version of Popodpiske.ru is that they need to replenish their account explicitly from time to time - not necessarily once a month, or less often - by electronic money, via bank transfer, by SMS - they are supported any type of payment). Therefore, we went further and launched an integration pipeline with Internet providers. Several of these integrations are already in full swing and will be presented to the public in beta. The scheme is as follows: the subscriber, as usual, pays 559 rubles a month to his provider, of which 500 (for example) go to pay for the Internet, and 59 to pay for antivirus or other RentSoft services in the provider's window. All in one payment, one check: our billing system takes care of the synchronization of charges. This is user friendly.

    They write about us

    Immediately after the launch, several publications wrote about us: CNews , CommNews , Rformer , 3DNews and a dozen others. Company of Dr.Web, our partner, has also published a press release . The CITY-FM radio station suddenly and completely free made a small report about us , which caused jubilation and dancing in the office. But we understand that this is only the beginning, the service requires improvements and functional development, which we plan to do throughout 2010.

    We ask all friends to visit and congratulate the owners! The address is very simple:

    We will be glad if you look at our service and give constructive comments. Is everything clear, is it convenient to use? We welcome any opinion. If you yourself become our customers, tell your friends about us or post information about the service in your blog - we’ll drop you in the legs with words of gratitude!

    We really need your support, first of all, of course, moral.

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