How unlucky I am with virtualization or check everything!

    imageMicrosoft Windows 7 introduced a wonderful and wonderful innovation - an integrated virtual machine with Windows XP called Windows XP Mode. When I found out about this, my joy knew no bounds! After all, I have to actively use virtual machines for work, and the Virtual PC 2007 used was “not very convenient”. And here - the decision “out of the box” is just happiness!

    Naturally, Windows Vista was immediately torn down, Windows 7 was installed in its place, Windows XP Mode files were downloaded and the built-in virtual machine was launched.

    “I can't start on this junk,” the virtual machine told me.
    - What kind of junk? - I was taken aback. The computer was a little over a year old. Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, 4 Gb of memory ...
    “Your computer is only suitable for landfill,” the virtual machine continued.
    “Yeah, to the landfill ... So much has been done on it, it is being done now and it will be done that it is too early for the landfill,” I did not give up.
    “Yes, look, on any other computer I will work without problems, but not on this,” the virtual machine was adamant.
    “But we’ll check it now,” I said.

    And he went to check other working machines using the special Microsoft HAV Detection Tool , which checks whether the virtual machine will work on the computer or not. The first was a brand new machine with four cores and eight gigabytes of memory.

    “Well, they said that there is no normal computer,” said the virtual machine, joyfully starting up.

    Then I checked the computer, which was about three years old.
    “Yes, and here I can work,” the virtual machine continued.

    Finally, I checked the computer, which is four or five years old.
    “I won’t have any problems with working on this beautiful system!” The virtual machine continued to scoff at me.

    That is, the virtual machine worked on all computers (including old ones), but it didn’t work on my relatively modern (which is the year of everything). Of course, you can use Virtual PC 2007 instead of Windows XP Mode, and everything will work ... But I really wanted Windows XP Mode.

    Studies have shown that on my beautiful computer, the processor does not support virtualization technology (Intel Virtualization Technology). And Windows XP Mode just wants this technology. The guys from Microsoft promise to release a patch that allows Windows XP Mode to be used on processors without this thing, but so far I have been left without new virtual machines.

    Why is this all on Intel's blog? Well, I have a processor from Intel :-). So if you need virtual machines from Windows XP Mode and you plan to buy an Intel processor for this business, then check here if the necessary model supports Intel Virtualization Technology. Well, another resource on the topic: Intel vPro Expert Center .

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