Kings and cabbage, or rather music and mobile phones

    Continuing the topic of interesting findings and facts, let's talk about music on a mobile phone. More precisely, about using a mobile as a music player.

    It's no secret that now most phones can be used as a player. Now it is becoming the de facto standard. But how much do people need this?

    You will not find data on Russia in the afternoon with fire)). Just kidding, of course, maybe they exist, but I don’t have them. But if you take global research, you can see an interesting picture.

    The chart below shows the number of respondents who listen to music using their mobile phone at least once a month. I really hope that the names of the countries will be clear without translation.


    Beautiful picture, isn't it?

    The question arises - what actions with music are generally interesting to the user? Here the data is only for America.


    The first three choices are what are connected with the ringtones !!! And only in fourth place is the radio.

    In fact, the study concludes that “radio-like” applications will replace the actual radios as a method of researching / listening to new music. Some Pandora iPhone app has been downloaded 5.5 million times. (just don’t ask what it is - I haven’t tried it, I don’t know).

    These are the pies. Do you use mobile as a player? Personally, I use the iPhone to listen to audio books.

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