Today, another startup , the link to which got to the main Habrahabr, suffered from the habraeffect.

    In this connection, I can not help shouting. People, do not be rogues! Really, if you run a startup in which you invest a certain amount of human hours, you are sorry to pay for a normal hosting, like mediatemple.net (I will not get any benefit from this link). $ 20 is just a month. Not 100. Yes, and other, similar in quality hosting, probably have (discard the links, who knows).

    Is there such a big difference, do you pay $ 7 a month, 12 or 20? Well, what trifles, if the conversation is about a startup, that is, at least for something pretending to be a project?

    You feel sorry for a couple of dollars for the stability of the project under load, or what ???

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