Becoming bilingual - independent study of a foreign language

    reservation - all this IMHO the
    goal is communication.
    the main test question is the
    myth of the complexity of the English language (bull shit)
    path - natural vs. scholastic
    Practical tasks and over-task
    learn words correctly;
    learn correct words;
    cards - real and virtual.
    speech stamps
    3 elements of
    teacher training - you yourself and everyone who comes to hand! Get everyone!
    students - capable and stupid.
    Theory of “waves” (wave-like progress)
    training material - wow! you got everything so don't get paralized.
    Internet, podcasts! DVD's favorite movies. and books
    again about cards and time.
    film nagging and dissatisfaction manual “Nerves to the Limit” / High Strung (Roger Nygard / Roger Nygard 1991, comedy)
    played 515 times

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