New builds of the opera. United at choice

    While Opera Unite is still being finalized, the builds fall into two categories: Opera 10.0 and Opera 10.10, respectively, without Unite and with it. The release of the beta version of Opera 10.10 is scheduled immediately after the release of the major version 10.0.

    If you already have the option enabled opera:config#AutoUpdate|DownloadAllSnapshotsand you have already installed previous builds, today Opera should upgrade to version 10.0 itself.
    For some reason, it didn’t work for me on Linux. This is probably only for assemblies without United.

    For those who want to continue testing United there is the opportunity to download the assembly version 10.10, for which auto-update will also work later.

    Also of the main changes, it is worth noting that Opera should now work with FreeBSD 8, but so far there are no builds for 64-bit FreeBSD 7/8. Also, the guest view button in the photo gallery service does not work for private / personal access rights.

    Opera 10.0 build download linksDownload links for Opera 10.10 with UniteNews in the blog of developers.

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