Small bug: disabling the ability to put pros / cons topic

    Playback steps:

    1) Create a topic. Any.
    2) Click "publish."
    3) We go back to editing, click "draft".
    4) We are waiting 3 (or how many are there, before the opportunity to vote is disconnected?) Days.
    5) Again, click "publish."

    Result: the topic was posted from the old date, it is impossible to vote for it. Therefore, it is possible to post any garbage in this way and they will not be able to move it into "foppish" ones. But the topic will come out not at the top of the page where it should be, but in the wilds.

    The bug is of course small and almost harmless, but still a bug. I came across this by accidently clicking on "publish." I had to transfer to another topic, put down the name and tags again ...

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