Installing Google Wave FedOne server with ejabberd jabber server

    Continuing the theme of installing the “wave” FedOne demo server, I publish a note by Kirill Agafonov. He will tell about his experience of using another jabber server instead of OpenFire.

    Author - Kirill Agafonov ( Google Wave Russia group )

    The hype that flared up around Google’s new technology, named Wave, also touched me. Being very impressed by the presentations, and the prospects that this technology opens up, I decided to feel live what kind of wave it is. Solved - done. The fees were short-lived.
    As a jabber server, I traditionally used ejabberd. Why ejabberd? For the experiment with the wave itself, server selection is not critical, it is, but ejabberd is used by me in everyday life.

    Installing under ejabberd comes down to two simple steps:

    1. Write down the FQDN for the wave service

    2. In the ejabberd config, add a section like: Where: 5275 is the port on which the jabber server waits for the waveguide (- xmpp_server_port) FQDN of your waveguide, in my case (- xmpp_component_name + CERTIFICATE_DOMAIN_NAME) “secret word” - secret word for authorizing a waveguide on a jabber server (XMPP_SERVER_SECRET) As an example, you can take an example of connecting a transport to ICQ from the standard ejabberd configuration file. Remember to restart ejabberd. Data for the client, under which you can connect to my server: WAVE_SERVER_DOMAIN_NAME =
    {5275, ejabberd_service, [
    {access, all},
    {hosts, ["FQDN вашего волновода"],
    [{password, "секретное слово"}]

    Pay attention to a small feature - the name of the wave server is wave + domainname, and the username of the wave is name @ domainname. The hostname is not used in the username.

    My server is running around the clock. There are no requests, and it is likely that it will work for a long time. From time to time I can be found on this server under the account This is also my “call sign” in jabber.

    Lyrical digression:
    At the beginning of this century, when I became interested in jabber technologies, I was lucky to meet with ejabberd author Alexei Shchepin in the virtual world. He helped me a lot to figure out what it is - jabber, and patiently answered, along with ermine, to my naive questions, to put it mildly.
    Today, ejabberd is the most developed server that supports the largest number of protocols (HEP). The largest jabber servers in the world are running on ejabberd.
    You can get acquainted with all the features of ejabberd on the project website -
    There you can also find comprehensive information on installing, configuring and using this wonderful server.

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