PM Labs 2009 Conference: done!

    PM Labs 2009 conference was held : successfully bombed :)

    Outcome: 17 reports, 2 flipcharts, 120 participants. 8 hours in the format of lively, creative communication, discussions, interesting and useful disputes.

    Many thanks to the participants and speakers: no one failed, nobody broke anything. Presentations coming soon. We’ll do the video a bit later. While there is an analysis of the questionnaires (I remind you that by filling out the questionnaire we will send the diplomas of the conference participants), we are already preparing for TEST Labs 2009 , which will be held in Kiev on September 26, 2009. Come, it’s interesting with you!

    Colleagues, if you write about PM-Labs on your blogs - let me know, please place it in the Participant Reviews section of the conference website.

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