Startup idea: fight against shadow and corruption schemes

    Recently on Habré a topic slipped like " I will make a useful Internet project for no reason, offer ideas ." After a little thought, I propose one.

    With ccording Economic Research, corruption is a major obstacle to economic growth and development, which threatens any positive changes in the country. Corruption is never completely exterminated. And some kind of minimal corruption should always exist - it will serve as an indicator of the fact that failures are occurring in some place of the state / economic system, and there it is time to change something. However, how to track it?

    Everyone has heard about corruption schemes: the story of the "school portal", translates in the description of tenders, etc. Wide publicity helped, at a minimum, stop the unjustified waste of state money.
    However, there are still hundreds and thousands of opportunities for officials to observe “their interest” to the detriment of the state. These examples are implemented every day in all sectors of industry and government. This is government procurement, and law enforcement, customs, construction, etc.

    Project idea: create a website where people can anonymously reveal any of the existing corruption / gray schemes, describing the principle of its work with details, and thereby help to eliminate this scheme.

    For instance:
    - “It is advantageous for dishonest traffic police officers to create long lines for obtaining car numbers: this forces people to pay money to speed up the procedure for obtaining numbers, and it also generates a form of earnings - when some people line up every day and every day they“ sell ”their place to whom something else. At the same time, the traffic police pretend that they know about this practice. ”

    - “Omsk state organization XXXX purchases cartridges for printers at a price 3 times higher than from an authorized dealer. Head of Procurement Department - Otkatchikov AB The director of the organization - V. Pokryvaev, pretends that he does not know about inflated prices. There is no verification of budget expenditures by the supervisory authorities in the person of D. Podelyushkin. ”

    - “In the organization XXXX serving on a contractual basis (in terms of computer equipment repair) the Federal Customs Service has the practice of“ adding ”nonexistent works to the act performed. For example, if a mouse breaks down - the repair of the printer is also added to the act of completion. As a result, this organization takes extra money from the FCS for actually not done work. This practice is also common in other government organizations served by commercial entities.


    The goal of the project: to help reduce corruption in Russia to reasonable levels.

    Audience of the project:
    - people who want to know the problem areas in the state system, and protect themselves from the doublethink of officials.
    - People who got problems due to corruption and want to punish those responsible.
    - people who were in a corruption trough, but who were “kicked out” of bread places, and now they want to “take revenge”.
    - employees of supervisory bodies, anti-corruption committees and law enforcement agencies.
    - members of the working committees of the State Duma, drafting laws - so that security holes in the text of the law become public, and fixed.

    The site’s functionality:
    - a database of corruption schemes, categorized by areas of life, with the option of additional filters (i.e. it can be a pure bribe, or a double interpretation of the law, or an opportunity for an official to create obstacles to business with impunity, etc. )
    - the ability to discuss and supplement any scheme with details, provide links to similar schemes.
    - user ratings of schemes - by rating importance. The most important are deduced for the title;)
    - publication of measures that the state has taken on a particular fact of corruption. Public discussion of these measures.

    Monetization of the project: taking money from corrupt officials for not disclosing “their” corruption schemes. (joke)

    That, in fact, is the whole idea. How it will work, whether it will work, if implemented, I don’t know. But it would be very interesting to see it. And yet: I believe that it is possible and necessary to fight corruption in the state, and it is not too late to win this war. Otherwise, why then all?

    So it goes.

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