plugin StringParser

    I decided to somehow streamline the hackneyed problem: in almost every project I have to create a custom parser that displays the text in a readable form. And in almost every project, 80% of this parser is the solution of already solved problems.

    StringParser is a Rails and Lib plugin that includes methods that implement the most common parsing tasks. Let me show you an example: The same can be done in a block (anyone likes it as much as possible): I’ll just give the names of the methods that I already managed to code, and the description can be found in more detail in the docks or in the sources: break_long_words close_tags cut highlight_code # uses gem ultraviolet to highlight"what a cool url: and image

    parser ="what a cool url: and image
    ") do |p|

    html_escape #, unlike the rail counterpart, accepts: except => []

    I would like to invite everyone to complete the library and bring it to mind.

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