Using Twitter as a distribution channel

    Craigslist , one of the most successful media companies in the world, Craigslist’s online classified ads service , seems to be having a very interesting competitor soon. Even yesterday I wrote that instead of building their own distribution channels should learn to use other people's, and today came the news of an interesting attempt of this kind.

    Oodle is going to use Twitter to broadcast its ads. He will broadcast at least 10,000 ads per day into his account. Their texts will contain hashtags and keywords. Oodle users will be able to centrally place ads not only on Twitter, but also on Oodle accounts on Facebook and MySpace.
    I must say, Oodle used to use other people's channels, in particular the AOL network. Now the idea is based on the fact that since users of social networks already share links, moods, news, they will just as easily share the announcement of the sale of a bicycle, used telephone, etc. In this case, the chances of success of the transaction should only increase, because in a social network, a chain of friendships increases the level of trust in the transaction. Moreover, the creators of the service want people to not only give announcements, but to discuss them, clarify information, find out the opinion of friends.
    Oodle hopes that by connecting traffic with social interaction, they will strengthen their position in competition with Craigslist.

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