Using OpenDNS to block inappropriate content on your home network

    I decided to write after reading the topic " + opendns" .

    OpendnsThis is a small note with screenshots about the features of the OpenDNS service , which many are not familiar with due to the lack of time for registering and reading in English.

    The note can be useful to parents, educators, just non-lovers of the dark side of the global network, and shows why this is just a great solution for a home network.

    The uniqueness of this service is that you do not need to download, install, keep it constantly on, and update some special program on each computer on your home network to use it. In this way, he wins very much in any desktop solution such as anti-virus / firewall / filter. And, of course, such a popular service is completely free.

    All you need to start using it is just to specify special DNS server addresses in the network settings. This is done in a few clicks.
    Visual step-by-step instructions are available for a wide variety of operating systems. Even for the Wii game console :)

    Use OpenDNS: This needs to be done for each computer on the home network. The main thing is that they have one external IP address when they enter the network. Or, you need to do this for a single router if all connections go through it. Further, on the website of the service, you can create an account to manage filtering settings. Here you have prepared filtering levels, and individual filtering with a choice of categories, and white / black sheets:
    Use OpenDNS

    On the screen, one of the drawbacks of the service is just visible - the popular image hosting services falling under the Adult category due to the presence of such content. So you have to manually add such services to the white list, but there are not so many of them.

    There is also the opportunity to participate in site tagging to compile a global database, which is just used to filter by category (tag):
    Website Tagging

    For parental control, this service is better, since guessing how to change the network connection settings is not as easy as killing the process antivirus / firewall.

    UPD1 . This is how the locked page looks:

    UPD2 . The filter can be bypassed through anonymizers / proxies; therefore, among the categories of filters you must remember to select “Proxy / Anonymizer” as well.

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