Introducing the Google Chrome Operating System

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Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Products,
Linus Upson, Technical Director 9 months have passed

since we launched the Google Chrome browser . Now the browser is constantly used by more than 30 million people. We developed Google Chrome for people who actually live on the web - they look for information, check mail, follow the news, make purchases and just chat with friends. However, the operating systems in which browsers operate today were developed at a time when the Internet in its modern sense did not exist. Therefore, today we announce the launch of the Google Chrome operating system. It will be a logical continuation of the Chrome browser.and an attempt to change the idea of ​​what an operating system should be.

Google Chrome is an “open source” lightweight operating system that will be designed for netbooks at this stage. Later this year we will open its source codes; netbooks with the Google Chrome operating system will be available to customers in the second half of 2010. We want to share our vision and goals that we are trying to achieve with everyone right now, because we are already discussing this project with partners and will soon begin working with the open source community of developers.

Speed, simplicity and security are key benefits of the Google Chrome operating system. We want this OS to be fast, “easy”, to start up and allow you to access the Internet in a few seconds. The user interface should be minimalistic so as not to distract the user from working on the network. As with the browser, with Google Chrome OS we had to start development from scratch: we completely changed the security architecture that underpins the operating systems so that users do not have to deal with viruses, malware and updating security settings. The system should just work.

The Google Chrome operating system will run on both x86 processors and ARM. We are working with numerous equipment manufacturers to launch several netbooks with the Google Chrome operating system immediately next year. The software architecture is very simple: Google Chrome will run on the new Linux kernel windows system. For application developers, the platform will be the web. All existing web applications will run on Google Chrome OS automatically, and new ones can be written using any web technology. And, of course, these applications will work not only on Google Chrome OS, but also in any browsers of standard OS: Windows, Mac and Linux, providing developers with the largest user base of all platforms.

The Google Chrome operating system is a new project not related to the Android platform. Android from the very beginning was designed to work on various devices: from mobile phones to TV decoders and netbooks. Google Chrome OS is designed for people who spend most of their time on the Internet. It helps increase the power of both small netbooks and full-fledged desktop PCs. Despite the fact that there are areas where Android and Google Chrome OS intersect, we think that the choice will contribute to the development of innovation. As a result, everyone will win, including Google.

Users often write to us - and we agree with them - that computers need to be improved. People want to have constant access to e-mail, without wasting time waiting for the computer and browser to load. They want computers to run as fast as they did immediately after purchase; so that the data is available regardless of the location of its owner. Users should not think about the possible loss of a computer or that they did not back up files. And most importantly, they should not waste time configuring a computer for new equipment and worry about constant software updates. The more convenient it becomes to work with a computer and the more time users spend on the Internet, the better for Google.

We still have a lot of work to do, and we will definitely need the help of open source developers to implement the idea of ​​Google Chrome OC. We are very interested in what will turn out in the end, and we hope you too! In the fall we will get back to you with the news, but for now enjoy the wonderful summer!

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