Fixing GisMeteo Gadget

    As many already know, recently closed its project . As a result of these events, the previous weather export in XML format stopped working. However, not only webmasters suffered, but also ordinary users who have the GisMeteo gadget installed. In recent days, they have been observing such a sad picture.

    I also watched it until I got tired. It just turned out to be some free time and I decided to try to fix it.

    It turned out that is rendering XML in the old way (at least for now). I decided to use this.

    So, in order:

    1. First, download the gadget from

    2. Rename the loaded GisMeteo_black.gadget to GisMeteo_black.gadget .zip and

    3. All we need is the contents of the js folder. First, go to js \ weatherData.js and change line 12"GET", ""+location+"_1.xml", false);

    on"GET", ""+location+"_1.xml", false);

    It would seem that everything, but it is not. The fact is that by default the gadget is configured for St. Petersburg (they were lucky), while the rest will have to suffer a little more.

    4. In the js \ weather.js file at the very top are the default settings.

    var location="26063";
    var locationName="Санкт-Петербург";

    The easiest option is to enter your city there, however, there is an ambush. As can be seen from line 25 js \ settings.js"GET","",false);

    the list of cities is loaded from inaccessible URL. Saved as always google cache :) The restored list of cities is now available here

    5. Now it’s enough to replace js \ settings.js in line 25"GET","",false);


    6. We pack it back into zip, rename it to GisMeteo_black.gadget, set it, select your city in the settings (the settings dialog does not open right away, you need to wait a little while js parses xml) and enjoy :)


    ps the working gadget can be downloaded here

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    upd: now xml is not available through xml
    upd2: xml has become available with

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