Firefox 3.5, Linux and non-original images

    Hello dear habralyudi. I have been using FF 3.5 for a long time, starting with the deepest alpha versions, but this happened mainly at work, where I owe Windows XP on duty. Imagine my surprise when, under the freshly delivered Fedora 11, instead of pictures on some sites, I began to observe black squares.
    Pictures and continuation of the story under the cut.

    As an example:
    With the help of inexhaustible inquisitiveness, it was found that such an effect occurs when displaying pictures of an original size. In addition, it was experimentally established that:

    img src=http://path/to/picture/something.jpg width=xxx ....

    • .Jpg and .png are precisely affected by this effect.
    • This problem is not with color profiles and it is not possible to solve it by the wonderful person twangel indicated in the recent habratopik and by everyone who participated in the discussion.
    • It works like the original distribution version there and the binary assembly downloaded from offsite.
    • The problem arises regardless of where the picture is located, on the same host as the web page, or on the remote server

    And now attention, a question.
    Does anyone know how to do this?

    And finally ... This is the preview of this habratopika:

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