Single page site

    I’m redoing a small site for a friend, and I decided to make it on one page, but at the same time to have full navigation, page navigation, history to work, and you could copy and open the link of any page. As a bonus, pages open with an animated effect.

    Here is the simplest example of a one-page site , all the code (almost *) inside this page.

    * For history to work in IE, you need a hidden frame where the hist.html file will be loaded , serving navigation in this browser. True, IE works quite poorly compared to other browsers.

    If you wish, you can load pages using Ajax, and make a site that works without scripts as normal, but with the included scripts without overloading the main page and only loading the necessary data, you can use any animation effects. But that's another topic.

    Of course, there are disadvantages to this approach, search engines will find only one page, and will link to it. In my implementation, jQuery is used (I need it for other things on the site under development), but it is quite possible to do without this js-framework.

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