Updating Yota Access on a modem

    Friends! New Yota Access v. Released 1.21
    According to Yota representatives, "The new version solves the problem with the incorrect MTU value, which could cause some pages to not open, in particular, www.microsoft.com ." And according to users, "it has become much faster."
    You can download it here.

    But! As you know, on the modem itself there is a memory in which the Yota Access distribution kit is written to be installed on a new computer. And with every flashing it is not updated there.
    To update the distribution version on the modem, you must do the following:

    1. Download the ISO image of the distribution kit ( people.ru )
    2. Run the command:
    FWUpdate.exe -language English -nvc -debug -loglevel 1 -mymodel SWC-U200 -leavefw -authkey "dhkdlqmfhakstp" -update i -binpath "%%%"

    FW Update.exe is located in the folder “C: \ Program Files \ Samsung Electronics \ mWiMAX U200 \ Firmware”
    In quotation marks, instead of %%%, the path to the folder with the ISO file (without a file name) is indicated.

    3. Wait until the flashing is completed.

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