Realtor 2.0 - a convenient property search


    Please love and favor "another damn aggregator" - Realtor 2.0 :) This time on real estate.
    The project is designed to combine large and small bases for leasing (later selling) real estate into a single search system.
    Currently, only proposals for rental housing in Moscow are being processed, but other regions of Russia are also being developed.

    We tried to make a simple convenient mechanism for the end user (tenant) and at the same time a functional tool for a realtor. No "ryushechek" and "tinsel" - naked and (if possible) quick search.

    Yes, by the way, your opinion on the implementation of the metro scheme on a flash is especially interesting, it killed a lot of time especially :)

    The current version, in fact, is still beta, most of the functionality is in development, but the main system works.
    Actually, we invite you to test, agencies for cooperation (participation in the system is free!), Competitors for criticism :)

    ps: here's another technical question for consideration - we try to filter out positions with incorrect prices (extremely low and extremely high), but it doesn’t always work out .
    Any thoughts on setting up filters? And then our filter started going crazy when we tried to validate the price of some objects :)
    For example:
    Rent a room for $ 20,000 a month or for $ 17,000 a month :)

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