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    PicadesWhat is a picada? Picada (from the English pic'ture and ad'vertisment) is an advertisement in microformat (22x22 pixels). This small square combines graphics and a small text message. Placement and payment of the picnic is done with one click!

    "Oh! Piccadas ”is a new promising project in the field of online advertising and at the same time an additional way to monetize sites and blogs. The project offers a simple and convenient way of buying and selling advertising on a site, the cost of which is very low.

    Because of the surprisingly simple placement of advertisements, we decided that the placement would be accompanied by this exclamation: " Oh! Piccards - I’ll post my picnic here too." In addition, as it seems to us, we gave emotions to our project - which is good.

    upd .: Add more emotions:www.picada.ru for 3 months for FREE! Special Code for Accommodation: habrahabr .
    Thanks to everyone who took part in the action! The stock closed.

    For advertisers

    It is enough to see the picad block on the site to know for sure - here you can place your ad with one click.

    • The picada is placed exactly where the advertiser clicks.
    • You can select a picnic from the existing list, upload your own or create a picnic using the constructor (in development).
    • The term of placement is either 30 days or forever (which is convenient for blog posts).
    • The cost of placement is from 100 to 500 rubles.
    • Payment is made by SMS, WebMoney or Yandex.Money (we hope to connect).
    • In addition to posting on a partner site, the picad is placed in a catalog on the service site.

    Webmasters, bloggers, site owners

    Place a pick-up block on your site and get a commission on the cost of the posted pick-ups on your site!

    • Actually, partners can provide their advertisers with everything described above. :-)
    • The commission of the system is 50% (when paying for SMS, the commission of mobile operators is taken into account).
    • Picad blocks can be placed directly to the posts. By assigning a minimum cost and an unlimited period of placement, you can make this method of placement attractive to the advertiser.
    • Submit an application to register your site oyy.ru/registration , very little time will be required for approval or disapproval.
    Next - add the blocks, insert them on the site, get a commission from the sold pick-ups on your site.

    What the project lives now (start on June 1, 2009):

    • more than 100,000 impressions of picades daily;
    • in 20 days - 328 partner sites;
    • in 20 days - bought more than 100 picads.
    The project aroused great interest and there are already several articles in which you can learn something else new about the project: the first interview with the Belarusian media site 2.0 .; the part to the webmaster and still similar excellent article is perfectly described ; the second interview is no less interesting.

    In total, we can’t write in the article, so we will carefully follow the comments on the picades . Thank you in advance for your opinions, questions, feedback and suggestions :-)

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