GPS tracker in iPhone

    I have always been interested in the topic of GPS / GPRS trackers. And since I like to walk a lot more, from time to time I thought about buying a wearable tracker so that when I got home I could see the path traveled.

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    I share information "that such a program exists."

    But a separate device has its drawbacks: you should always take it with you, keep it charged, as a rule, these trackers do not work online (that is, they do not send coordinates immediately to the server via gprs)

    I was delighted when I found out About the free program in the AppStore. It is installed on the phone and sends the coordinates to someone’s server, and this server then kindly displays the coordinates on the map. Everything is absolutely free.

    Here is a short list of features that I turned my attention to:
    • A full battery discharges hours in 7-8
    • It can’t work in the background (probably only if there is a jailbreak and the corresponding software), but it works with the screen off
    • Data to the site arrive with a delay of no more than 5 seconds
    • After conducting a traffic experiment, I found: for 4 hours of walking and 2 hours of driving in a car, I spent ~ 3 rubles in total. (Megaphone, O-Light)
    • By the way, there are clients for other phones

    Company website:

    And you can also insert a card through any frame on any page. I immediately built such a page into my blog.

    And next time I’ll tell you how to do almost the same thing, but with my own hands. In the photo below, the GPS / GPRS tracker with 2 external antennas (GPS + GSM) is powered by 12V. Inside the sim508 module. The story of how I chose a tracker, how I tested it, how I received data on my server and processed it. The conclusion is also - Google Maps, the functionality is the same as on the site, which was discussed a little earlier.

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