BullDoc 1.0

    The project has matured to 1.0 :)

    There are almost no innovations, only fixes.

    The only innovation is the pictures of the covers on the bookshelf. I

    wrote an English translation just in case, but the times have passed when you could talk about your program on sitepoint. Now this is removed for self promotion.

    About the program: BullDoc is a documentation system. It is a complex in php, which can be used without a web server through the command line, or in the form of a site running apache. Documentation sources are stored in text files and can be placed in svn. The documentation is exported to fully static html (one file per page or one monolithic file), for placement on the site and for download. There is an export to the chm help file.

    Standard details:
    Article on the hub about the program
    Example step-by-step

    Also popular now: