Review Toshiba Satellite 1850c Notebook

    Inspired by Xedin and theproof posts .
    Seeing that Habr is very interested in old computer technology, I also decided to get a Toshiba Satellite 1850c laptop, which appeared at my home as a gift to my father from colleagues.


    This laptop was introduced in 1992 as an affordable laptop for business. He had good characteristics for that time -
    • color (256 colors) screen, resolution 640 * 480, size 9.5 inches
    • Intel 386 SX processor (25 MHz), optionally - the coprocessor is
      actually a coprocessor - oddly enough, it is located directly under the cover on the bottom of the laptop, that is, access to it is extremely simple
    • 3.5 'floppy drive
    • 120 MB hard drive
    • 4 MB RAM
    • A slot for a PCMCIA format memory card, if I'm not mistaken.
      Access to it is also through the plug under the screw.
      and battery for 3.5-5 hours, according to the manufacturer

    This miracle weighs 3.1 kg, which causes some bewilderment, because in size this machine resembles a rather thick 13 'laptop)
    By the way, in the kit for this laptop I got a very unusual controller - trackball. It seems that in those days it was considered progressive:

    now to the main cloud - despite the fact that a year ago the laptop was fully functional, and Windows 3.11 loaded on it calmly, today I could only turn it on, look at the BIOS, and see a warning about hard drive failure. So I just had to try to disassemble it)

    Having removed a fairly large number of screws (about 15), I was finally able to remove the keyboard. It was connected by an ordinary loop, so it was not difficult to remove it:

    Under it was a floppy drive and keyboard controller. It should be noted that in addition to the metal plug, the motherboard is protected by a transparent plastic film:

    I did not dare to further disassemble - the display was too dumb to remove) - it was attached not only by a cable, but also by some separate wires. * this is my first independent disassembly of the laptop, sorry) *

    In conclusion, I want to say that this laptop was used for a very long time in the early 90s - as I recall, the documentation was diverse on it was a full hard drive)
    almost the same laptop was used by the famous hacker Kevin Mitnik - and he even recently put up for sale) here he is

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