Eat more of this delicious juicy CPU (a solution to the problem of loading the processor)

    During the recompilation or restart of the ASP.NET application, I regularly observed a picture when the firefox process used the processor no less, and even more than aspnet_wp. With what, one wonders, what does he do if he just waits for a response from the server? What is the processor resource spent on?

    The answer to this question was noticeable, it turns out, with a naked eye, but it is so stupid that it was difficult to think it. The processor eats ... animation (APNG) of the spinning loading indicator! It is enough to replace it with static png (or animated gif) for the problem to go away.

    The ill-fated file is called loading_16.png. I found it here:, Mozilla Firefox\chrome\classic.jar\skin\classic\global\icons\- and replaced it with a static picture . He also lies in skin\classic\aero\global\icons\loading_16.png, but this is apparently for Vista, and I have XP. I left him there.

    Hooray, now don’t have to think about switching to another browser! :) I hope that in 3.5 this will still be fixed, somehow reluctant to repeat the operation after the update.

    Another solution is to copy this into userChrome.css (I have not tried it, this is information from the Mozilla bug tracker).

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