magazine from market monopolists

    The Logos Group , which unites the largest press distribution and sales companies in Russia (the Centropechat network, the Good News stores, the Press Distribution Center, etc., with annual revenues of $ 140-150 million), has launched an online store Read .ru , in which up to 25% of the assortment falls on magazines. The site has not yet been completed, and the official launch is scheduled for June 3, Kommersant reports .

    This is a unique project of its kind, because no other online store has such an assortment of print presses. stopped selling the press in 2004 due to overly complex logistics.

    In the store, about 40% of the assortment will be books, about 25% - periodicals, 20% - multimedia, the rest - stationery. In total, in the first months of operation, the store will include more than one hundred thousand book titles. For comparison: sells about 260 thousand titles of books.

    Despite the more meager range, the new online store can still compete with Ozon because it exceeds it in the number of pick-up points (380 instead of 27). In addition, the transport and storage resources possessed by Logos will allow us to establish prompt delivery of products within 12 hours of the order. And, again, a wide range of magazines that Ozone simply does not have.

    The oligarchs at Lotus expect that in the coming years will reach a monthly turnover level of $ 1-2 million.

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