Omegle - Talk to Someone


    Now I’ll tell you about the world nursery of procrastination , about the wonderful version of the brutal murder of your precious time and the shortest way to understand forever that you are not interested in anyone.

    Or maybe I’ll tell you about a great way to find new friends around the world, to speak out to a complete stranger or just have fun chatting with some Uruguayan astronaut.

    Both can be found on the ingenious miracle site Omegle . The principle of operation is very simple - you go there, press a single button, and the computer randomly selects a real live interlocutor who just clicked on the button, only somewhere else in the world. Everything, you can pour out your soul and discuss plans for the capture of the universe.

    PS Mom forbade you to speak with strangers on the street? Well, finally, it can be done completely safely!

    PS 2. Khabracheloveki minus my karma, can you explain - for what?

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