Making Money Online Games


    It all started with my little brother, who has been killing his life aimlessly for several years playing online games. I used to bypass them, knowing that I, too, would be addicted, like Ultima Online in due time. But, one day, “I was sick from idleness”, at the next rearrangement of drivers from ATI, I agreed to 10 days of trial of World of Warcraft. So a couple of months of my life flew by unnoticed :)

    First thoughts

    But if the first month was just fun to play, then in the second month I wanted to be the coolest and I began to google Yandex on the topic "how to quickly pump a character." But instead of the expected guides, the whole ten was filled with sites "quickly pump your char for loot." And the first thought in my head was - “Oh, nifiga here the people of the grandmother are doing. But I have my own firm to promote sites. Now I’ll make my website, I’ll put it forward, I’ll put the extra person in the office, let him play, but I’ll get a pretty penny. ”
    I called my younger brother right away, voiced the idea. We conducted an investigative experiment and realized that despite the fact that he has been playing Warcraft for 2 years, we are unable to raise more than 40 levels in a day of the game. And the 40th level for those in Yandex 10 costs $ 50. And the day of the game is 3 working days for 8 hours. As a result, with 5 days we get $ 350 a month, of which we have to pay the person who plays, pay for the office, for the Internet, for links for optimization, and all that remains is our net profit. At such moments, I get the feeling that the skis do not ride.
    I began to search on the subject of records. Who, what records set for quick levels. One American was able to get the 70th level in a day, and this is 200-300 dollars, which is already good, but he has 3 heads and 8 hands, and I realized that it was unrealistic to find such a person in St. Petersburg. And the records of ordinary mortals are very disappointing.

    So where is the money itself?

    But then, in the process of searching, the world of bots for WOW opened for me. And what I saw shocked me. On the forums of botovodov I saw the owners of sites that pump characters and sell gold, I immediately understood everything, but I was not shocked by this. And the shock caused a widespread community. Recently, they celebrated a sad date, when a year ago, in one day, Lizzard banned 400 thousand accounts of bot drivers. But this does not stop anyone. I read the forums and understand that people who play with bots can’t live without them.
    And now, what we have, there is only one really working bot. People pay a monthly fee for it. The bot is very buggy. With a terrible interface in which nicherta is not clear.
    And while the habr is sleeping, the developers of this buggy software earn millions.
    And I would even fit into the development of my bot with money, but the stupidest thing is that I don’t have any familiar programmers and I don’t even know about how much such development can cost. Will a budget be measured in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, I decided to ask the habrasociety for advice.

    PS An interesting link on the topic
    PPS The idea is so crazy that it’s hard for me to imagine that anyone would want to steal it and do it all by themselves :)

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