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    Once I discovered that all sites offering to download / listen to mp3 do not work. Some closed, others sold their domain, others stupidly broke. At this moment, I realized that I needed to close this gap :) So my site was born - Open MP3

    I think that no one here needs to explain how these services work - the user writes a request in the search bar, and in response receives a list of direct links to download songs. I’d better talk about what distinguishes my search engine from all the others, of which a great many have multiplied on the Internet.

    The main differences

    Firstly: there is no advertising on the site. No. Those. you will not see obsessive pop-underders there who open several tabs with porn, flashing banners, pop-ups and other shit. Only a search bar and a table with the results in the form of direct (almost) links to files. I do not create any restrictions - you can download several files at maximum speed at once. And finally, there is no unnecessary registration.

    Secondly: you can not only download music, but also listen. Both directly on the site, using a convenient flash player, and on your computer by downloading the compiled playlist in M3U format.
    About playlists in general, a separate topic, so read here -

    Thirdly: the site has a music rubrication system. True, while it is in its infancy, but something you can already see. A heading is a search for music by tags, genres, artists. The more music users download, the more information gets into the database. Therefore, this feature will fully manifest itself only after some time.

    And one more small bonus: user statistics. The site saves information about the songs you uploaded, your search history, ratings and much more.

    A full description of all the features on the help page .

    Development plans

    I have a lot of them :) What is now is only the embryo of the service that I want to implement. It should be something between and, namely:
    • Recommendations system based on downloaded and rated tracks
    • Most artists database with brief annotations and album navigation
    • Build ratings and charts


    The site is located on a very weak virtual hosting, so please be careful :)
    If you just want to rate the site and not download music, click on the links in the "Recently searched here" section. These are links to the results of cached queries, and they will not take up a lot of resources. I specially placed the topic at night, so that the load increased smoothly. In any case, if you fail to open the site, then I am not to blame - this is the habroeffect :)


    The resource is just running, but because I'm sure there are a lot of uncaught bugs. I am also sure that the habrosociety has a bunch of ideas for improving the functionality. I ask you to write all comments and suggestions either in private or to me by e-mail:
    I will be very grateful for any feedback.

    That's all for me :)

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