Simple task. For those who are no longer interested in reading about the console :)

    The original problem is published here.

    It is required to connect two networks without using static routing or PBR.
    Roughly speaking, the routers are configured

    (config-if) # ip address 10.XX1
    (config-if) # no shut

    and that’s all :)
    In the middle there is an ASA, but it doesn’t play a big piano. The problem is solved simply and if instead of ASA to put a router.

    Play with your imagination: how to make packages walk? If you give commands, it will be generally good :)

    Threat Pictures so far do not want to be inserted. I study :)

    Go for it!

    UPD Naturally, there is no dynamic routing either. However, this is easy to understand: there is nothing in the config of the final routers except the specified lines. Well, albeit for rigor, it’s allowed to go to them on telnet / ssh / http

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