Will iPhone get CDMA networks soon?

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Verizon, an American operator, said it is in talks with Apple to develop a CDMA version of the iPhone. The operator said that a few months ago began negotiations with Apple management at the "highest" level, when Steve Jobs fully controlled the daily work of the corporation. A USA Today source asked for anonymity, as it does not have the right to speak publicly on behalf of the company.

It is worth recalling that the exclusive rights to sell iPhone in the United States until 2010 belong to the operator AT&T, while the operator is negotiating the extension of the exclusive. Roger Entner, Head of Telecommunications Market Research at Nielsen, said the AT&T operator is “slightly faster” at the moment, but Verizon “inspires more confidence in terms of reliability.”

Interestingly, the news contradicts what Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. In particular, he expressed doubt about the appropriateness of creating a CDMA version of the iPhone and noted that the creation of a version for LTE networks would be a more correct step: “Apple has never seriously considered creating a CDMA iPhone, primarily due to the limited distribution channels.”

Verizon Wireless operator plans to launch LTE at the end of this year, and by 2010 to provide LTE coverage in major US cities

From me: if you still get iPhone CDMA, then Skylink will have another chance to survive :)

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