And let's make a couple of free WordPress styles.

    Hi habrahlyulyami.
    In my free time from the main work, I do website design.
    Most recently, I wanted to try my hand at creating WordPress styles.
    At first I wanted to make them for money, but then I thought about it and decided to make them public and free .
    The trouble is that I'm not a typesetter at all and I have only the layouts themselves and the desire to make the world a better place. :-)

    Therefore, if there is a kind Jedi layout designer on the hub who agrees to take up the layout of layouts, and after that unselfishly lays out ready-made styles for the public, then I will gladly give him the source.

    mock-ups under a cat

    Here are the mock-ups themselves:

    Watch in full

    Watch in full

    PS Transferred from a personal blog so that the initiative would not be lost in the depths of the habr.

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