Which 3D scanner to choose? Top 4 from 3Dtool

    Good afternoon, dear readers!

    Today we want to talk about 3D scanners. Now there are almost no engineers
    working behind the drawing boards. All developments of new devices are carried out in various
    CAD-systems. All design, both technical products, and art and design works occurs in electronic form. 3D models for everything in the world is already an established reality.

    When a new model is created, everything is clear, it is the work of an engineer or designer. But there are so many things around us, objects that were created before the era of 3D models. Or, for example, works of nature, living beings. For all of the above, 3D models are also being created. What to do? Measure old parts with a caliper or hire a top-notch artist?

    The solution has long been found - this is 3D scanners. Of course, they are not a “magic pill,” as some might think. But 3D scanners speed up and simplify the process of creating 3D models tenfold. Professional solutions allow you to create a highly accurate 3D model of various products, simplify reverse engineering. There are a lot of applications for 3D scanners.

    So what are these 3D scanners? What are their characteristics, and what are their capabilities?

    We want to present you a small list of those models that can be purchased in Russia. There are a lot of 3D scanners now sold, but the models on our list are, in our opinion, the best choice.

    A little more information before we begin to tell. In our article
    A 3D scanner is a device with which we can get an exact copy (3D model) of a physical object that can be used in further work.

    Why do we say that? There are several inexpensive scanner models. They are made sufficiently
    high quality, but the quality of the scans is such that somehow seriously they are almost impossible to use. Due to low scanning accuracy. Typically, the accuracy and resolution of such devices is about 0.5-1mm and worse. These are scanners for education, home use, for exploring this technique. Therefore, in our review there will be only those scanners that allow them to be used in the professional and semi-professional field.

    Our review, as usual, will start with budget models, and continue to professional solutions.

    Budget segment

    Under the budget segment, we understand scanners that minimally meet certain requirements for professional equipment. And having a relatively low price. For scanners of this class, the main disadvantages are not the highest speed and limitations on the size of the scanned object. But at the same time, already a decent resolution, allowing to solve some problems.

    EINSCAN 3D Scanner –S
    Shinning 3D
    3D Scanner - EinScan-S . The Shinnig 3D company broke into the 3D scanner market several years ago and is now constantly pleased with the appearance of high-quality products that usually cost less than their competitors. So in this case, the EinScan-S 3D scanner

    It shows a very impressive scan quality (accuracy from 0.1mm) against the background of other offers in this price range.

    The scanner appeared on the Russian market in 2016 and immediately gained popularity due to its low price and very good performance.

    The Einscan-S 3D scanner was created according to all canons of semi-professional equipment. Friendly software. Maximum automation of the scanning process so that a minimally trained user can use this scanner.


    • Camera resolution: 1.3 MPix
    • Number of cameras: 2
    • Scan mode: free (without turntable), automatic (using turntable)
    • Maximum scanning area (automatic mode): 200 x 200 x 200 mm
    • Maximum scanning area (free mode): 700 x 700 x 700 mm
    • 3D scanning speed (free mode): 10 seconds / 1 shot
    • 3D scanning speed (automatic mode): 3 minutes
    • Scan object size (max): 2 m
    • Scanning accuracy: 0.1 mm
    • Data Format: STL
    • Warranty: 1 year

    The retail price of the EinScan-S 3D scanner in May 2017 is 68,000 rubles.


    • Low price
    • Ease of use
    • Reliability
    • Russified software
    • Rotary table included


    • Limited scan object size
    • Low scan speed

    An example of a scanned object:

    3D EinScan-S Scanner is ideal for 3D printing studios, TsMIT, and small business. With it, you can already take on some of the projects. But we must understand its limitations. First of all it is a restriction on the size of the scanned object and the speed of work.

    More information about the 3D scanner can be found on the 3Dtool website .

    Workhorse Segment

    This group will be equipped with equipment that allows you to solve most problems in the segment of small business and educational institutions. These are semi-professional solutions that allow you to get an accurate result at a reasonable price.

    3D scanners of this segment have high speed and provide high-quality scanning of models.

    3D RangeVision SMART scanner

    Here we have a Smart 3D scanner from the Russian company RangeVision. Company
    RangeVision been working in this field and produces high quality professional equipment.

    The 3D Scanner comes in a metal case in which it can be conveniently carried.

    All you need is a laptop or a desktop computer running 64-bit Windows 7 and above. With HDMI connector and 3 USB ports. The computer's processor and the amount of RAM directly to the scanning speed does not affect. But the speed of processing scans and the size of the scanned object directly depends on the size of the RAM and the performance of the computer's processor. According to the developers, the size of the scanned object is rather limited by the power of the computer than by the capabilities of the 3D scanner. That is, having a powerful computer, you can scan objects larger than the stated 2 meters.

    Technical characteristics of the 3D scanner:

    • Scanning method: Structured backlight, optical triangulation
    • Scan speed: ~ 7 sec.
    • Number of scan zones: 3
    • Cameras: 2 cameras 1.3 MPix (1280x1024)
    • Operating range (minimum): 150x112x112 mm
    • Operating range (maximum): 500x375x375 mm
    • Scan object size (min): 4 cm
    • Scan object size (max): 2 m
    • Detailing: from 0.12 mm
    • Data Format: STL


    • High resolution scan
    • Quick setup
    • High scanning speed
    • Auto Scan with Turntable


    • Mastering the software will take time

    Examples of scans: The

    scanner allows you to scan complex objects. As, for example, the figure shown in the figure. Pay attention to the area below, where to look even, usually difficult. But Smart managed, and with such a challenge.

    In addition to complex models, the scanner allows you to scan textures and get a full-color 3D model. To do this, simply select the desired mode in the software.

    The RangeVision Scan Center software is exactly the same as the older RangeVision scanners use. The program allows you to automate many of the processes of "stitching" individual
    scans into a single 3D model. Fills voids and corrects scanning errors.

    Smart is the most popular model from RangeVision. For not the highest price, the scanner performs in the league of semi-professional devices. Smaller resolution than the more expensive models, but sufficient for 80% of the tasks of business and education.

    The retail price of the 3D RangeVision Smart scanner + the TS-12 rotary table in May 2017 is 185,000 rub.

    More information about the 3D scanner can be found on the 3Dtool website .

    PROFI + segment

    In this segment, we have equipment of a professional class, which will allow to solve almost any tasks that may be faced by the majority of enterprises and organizations.

    First scanner in this group, new in December 2016

    RangeVision Spectrum 3D scanner

    We already told about this scanner in two of our previous articles:

    Close acquaintance with Spectrum 3D scanner

    3D scanning with RangeVision Spectrum scanner

    In them we introduce readers to the possibilities and methods work with the scanner.

    RangeVision Spectrum - a very accurate 3D scanner allows you to get 3D models of objects with
    high accuracy (up to 0.04 mm) and degree of detail (0.072 mm).

    The scanner is perfectly equipped, easy to use and perfectly suitable for scanning various items: from 1 cm to 3 m.

    Features of the RangeVision Spectrum 3D scanner:

    • Three customizable scan areas for professional digitization of objects of any size, from 1cm to 3m
    • Two industrial cameras for color 3D models with high details (from 0,072mm)
    • Depending on the features of the object and working conditions, you can choose any convenient scanning mode - for scanning objects of any size and shape
    • High resolution texture scanning support


    • Scanning method: Structured backlight, optical triangulation
    • Number of scan zones: 3
    • Cameras: 2 industrial cameras 3.1 MPix
    • Operating range (minimum): 133x100x100 mm
    • Operating range (maximum): 520x390x390 mm
    • Scan object size (min): 1 cm
    • Scan object size (max): 3 m
    • Scanning accuracy: 0,072- 0,26mm
    • Data Format: STL


    • High quality (from 0,072mm) and scanning speed
    • Large scanning range from 1 cm to 3 m
    • Ability to scan complex objects
    • Auto Scan with Turntable


    • Mastering the software will take time

    Scan Examples:

    The main innovation of RangeVision Spectrum is the ability to scan objects of different sizes without changing optics, with very high quality. Many other models, for different modes, there are sets of interchangeable lenses, which greatly increase the cost of equipment. Thanks to the original solutions in Spectrum, they managed without interchangeable lenses, without losing scanning quality.

    The quality of scanning is at a level that sometimes exceeds such a parameter than the more expensive models of 3D scanners.

    RangeVision Spectrum is the optimal choice for most small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions. The scanner allows you to solve almost all the tasks of high-precision scanning in the
    field of engineering, art, design, jewelry.

    The retail price of a 3D scanner RangeVision Spectrum in May 2017 is 295,000 rubles.

    More information about the 3D scanner can be found on the 3Dtool website .

    3D scanner EinScan Pro

    The second representative of this segment, from Shinning3D, already familiar to us, is the universal hand-held scanner EinScan Pro . His possibilities are very wide, and he deserves a separate large review.

    The versatility of the scanner is that it can work, both in a portable and
    stationary mode, complete with a rotating table.


    The process of scanning a person.

    Tripod and rotating table for scanning small items


    • Scanning area: from 3 cm to 4 meters (depending on the operation mode);
    • Scan speed: up to 15 frames per second (depending on the operation mode);
    • The possibility of color scanning: Yes (optional);
    • Operating modes: handheld rapid scan, handheld hd scan, automatic scan, free scan;
    • Scanning accuracy in manual mode: from 0.1 mm;
    • Scanning accuracy in automatic mode: from 0.05 mm;
    • The size of one shot: 210 x 150 mm;
    • Software: Einscan-Pro Software;
    • Supported formats: OBJ , STL , ASC;
    • Scanner type: manual (universal);
    • Texture capture: Yes;
    • Warranty: 1 year;

    The main distinctive feature of the Einscan Pro 3D scanner is the ability to work in both manual and stationary and automatic modes.

    Scan modes:

    In this case, in manual mode, you can quickly scan large objects that are not placed
    on a rotating table.

    Or when the quality of manual scanning is sufficient for the task and the main speed.

    The scanner allows you to scan people and other creatures. Scanning of living objects is quite a specific mode for scanners.

    First, lasers cannot be used during scanning to avoid eye damage.
    Secondly, living objects cannot be fixed, and the scanner must take into account all vibrations of a living body in order to get high-quality scans.

    In stationary mode, you can scan small objects in high quality.

    In this mode, you can achieve scanning accuracy up to 0.05 mm.

    Separate function - scanning with textures. For this is an additional plug-in unit. It allows you to get a full-color model with high resolution.

    Einscan Pro universal equipment for solving a wide range of tasks. This is both scanning large objects and high-precision scanning of small objects. The scanner has high mobility and has the most simple management. During its creation, special attention was paid to the possibility of working with an unprepared person with the scanner. Therefore, all the processes are maximally automated.


    • 4 modes of operation
    • High quality scan
    • Versatility
    • Ease of use


    • High computer requirements

    Shinning 3D EinScan Pro scanner comes in two versions:

    EinScan Pro 3D scanner (Basic) for 240,000 rubles. designed primarily for manual scanning.

    3D scanner EinScan Pro (full set) for 330000rub.

    A tripod, a rotating table and a module for scanning textures are additionally supplied in the complete set. In this configuration, immediately available high-precision automatic scanning. By purchasing such a complete set, you close all areas of the possible application of 3D scanning, except for very specific ones. Such as, for example, dentistry, where specialized technique is used.

    The key to Einscan Pro is its versatility. This is very important for small organizations. When instead of several scanners (manual and stationary), one scanner is purchased, which replaces them all. However, it is cheaper than some specialized solutions.

    More information about the 3D scanner can be found on the 3Dtool website .

    What is the result? Which scanner is the best? The one that best meets the requirements for your needs, and has the lowest price. In the article we looked at equipment of different price ranges, which solves the overwhelming number of 3D scanning tasks.

    Everyone will be able to choose the right equipment for your budget and requirements.

    On this positive note, we complete a brief review of the most profitable purchases of 3D scanners in May 2017. In more detail, about the scanners presented in the article, you can find on our website www.3dtool.ru

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