Podcast 9 is the seventh issue. Now with the video

    In the seventh issue, Peter Didenko and Mikhail Chernomordikov discuss the numerous announcements of the past MIX conference and what awaits us at the Russian ReMIX conference.
    Exit ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight 3 Beta, Expression 3 Preview, Smooth Streaming, Web Platform Installer, Web Application Gallery and more.

    In this issue for the first time there is also a video recording of the entire process of recording a podcast - thanks to Eugene Boyko!
    Also in the issue traditionally answers to questions from listeners.

    Please write your comments about the release, podcast format, and wishes for the future.
    You can subscribe to a podcast via RSS - to a computer or mp3 player.

    MIX Conference - 2009.visitmix.com
    ReMIX Conference - remix.ru

    Congratulations to Bitrix! kip.ru/9bh2
    Smooth Streaming - www.smoothhd.com
    Playboy uses DeepZoom - kip.ru/9i21
    StackOverflow - stackoverflow.com
    IE8 builds - ie8.mail.ru , ie.yandex.ru , ie.rambler.ru
    IE8 add-on gallery - ieaddons.com/en/
    Visual Search from moikrug.ru - kip.ru/74ml
    Security Webcast in IE8 - kip.ru/743t Lozhechkin's
    article on evangelism - kip.ru/h45f
    Music (start): www.jamendo .com / ru / album / 7505
    Music (end): www.jamendo.com/en/album/38488

    Our Twitter account - twitter.com/mixen , twitter.com/pdidenko and twitter.com/remixru
    Our podcast address is podcast9.ru
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