The opening of the blog. Improving your blog avatar

    For a long time he himself needed this blog. For example, when I wrote this habr article where I needed advice.

    Now there is a blog in which holivars are considered a bad form, and good - help to improve code / graphics / usability and everything that comes to mind to habra-authors.

    Ask your questions on improvement in this blog, and we will tell you how to improve, share our experience.
    ps Do not confuse with a business lynch someone who is not talked about ™. Do not confuse this blog with "I am PR" :) A blog

    would be nice to come up with a picture.
    I have one idea, but I don’t like it, because BAYAN is already :) and the text is poorly read.

    That's why I look forward to your interesting suggestions for its improvement and help from designers.

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