OpenMW 0.6 released

    Let me remind you that OpenMW is an attempt to create a cross-platform open-source game engine that supports the data formats of the game The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. On a habr already wrote about it when the first public version came out.

    Since then, the project has grown, and this is what appeared in version 0.6:
    • There is a full-fledged GUI based on MyGUI , which allows you to recreate the Morrowind GUI with all its windows and more
    • Completely finished Monster Script - a scripting language that is designed to implement game logic
    • Solved problems playing music in windows

    I would like to wish the developers good luck in bringing the project to a playable state, because Morrowind is a legend, and I really want to play it in a new, stable, open and beautiful engine :)
    You can get additional information and see screenshots on the project website .

    By the way, the project is also interesting in that that is written in D . Ogre graphics engine and Bullet physics engine are also used.

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