Adium 1.3.3 Update

    So, it is finally updated!

    If you are already reading here , then you are either a “poppy worker” or sympathizing with these strange people. ;)

    And now let's see what the developers promise to make us happy in comparison with version 1.3.2.

    I'll start with the main thing - we updated libpurple from version 2.5.2 to 2.5.5mtn .
    This fixes MSN problems associated with WLM 9: icons did not appear, there were errors with file transfer;
    Now statuses in ICQ (available and away) and icons are correctly published;
    Gadu-Gadu avatars should now be displayed;
    The error "Unable to add user - Unknown error (205)" is fixed when connecting to MSN;
    Fixed bug with duplicate contacts during authorization;
    And many, many other things related to MySpace and MSN.

    In Adium itself, they fixed : an
    error that causes the client to crash when deleting contacts through XMPP gates;
    updating the user list in group chat;
    saving changes to renamed contacts on the ICQ server.
    We switched to the pidgin-facebook plugin for Facebook, which improved the interaction of Adium and Safari when they are both authorized on Facebook.
    A message offline is now sent automatically whenever possible, and offers a dialog to send now / then if delivery is not guaranteed.
    Improved first letter search in contact list.

    There are also corrections in the chat window (for the most part related to changing styles), an update of several localizations including Russian, and other minor bug fixes.

    Full list of changes

    PS So far I can’t update, apparently due to server overload, an error flies out and an offer to try later (usually when half of the 24 MB is already downloaded) ...
    PPS Updated!

    Who has already succeeded? I ask for comments!

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