Ours abroad is now also a forum ...

    Six months ago, I published on Habrahabr the announcement of my blog, “Our Abroad . Many supported and praised. Since then, the blog has become one of the most popular in the blogosphere. Entered the 500 most popular Yandex ratings. And today the project is expanding.

    Damn, I feel a strange excitement ... A certain jitters ... Well, with God! Go! As Gagarin said before breaking away from Earth and breaking into the unknown.

    Today, February 20, 2009 - I announce the official opening of not cans of beer, but why? See for yourself:

    Our Our Abroad forum.

    Now it will be even more convenient to talk with the heroes of the interview, with immigrants from the former USSR!

    Welcome friends! Let's unite the world of Russian-speaking people :)

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