A simple example of data synchronization in Gimao

    How can we synchronize community data on the server with those that we have in Jimao?

    Say we are recorded in a community in which torrent files are added by other users.
    Is it possible to make sure that a torrent added by someone automatically downloads to our computer and starts BitTorent?

    It turns out you can!

    Consider this with the example of our Learning Materials community.

    All we need to do is right-click with the mouse while standing on some kind of folder.

    After that, we should select the “Synchronization” option from the menu and in the next dialog we will see everything that we can do when someone adds records with files in this folder on the server

    As can be seen from the picture, we can copy this file to a directory, open it using any program, for example, the same BitTorrent, and also send it by e-mail.

    So easy to sync content.

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