GTD + Adobe AIR = Doomi

    Continuing the theme of buzzwords ...

    In order not to be distracted, I constantly compile a to-do list and keep it in front of my eyes (this is such a feature of character, otherwise google-reader,, and goodbye to the deadlines) A4 sheet before the keyboard dealt with this task before. Now that the GTD word - “Getting Things Done”, “How to put things in order” - has become very fashionable (GTD can be found more than once on Habré ) many realizations have appeared, so as not to mess the paper. A huge number today listed Mashable , for every taste - web, mobile, mac, windows.

    With a finger in the sky, I chose a very beautiful and convenient implementation: Doomi on Adobe AIR

    dommi-1.PNG - Picamatic - upload your images

    According to the author’s intention, the space left in the upper right corner is assigned to the button to close the window (I think so). Overall comfortable. By pressing "down" - a list of all to-do is expanded: Each "thing" (thing) allows you to add a reminder. The application is minimized to tray, it updates itself, is friends with the Russian, “things” can be sorted by drag & drop. Of the minuses, it can only be noted: Try it and you put your affairs in order :)

    dommi-2.PNG - upload images with Picamatic

    dommi-3.PNG - image uploaded to Picamatic

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